Basically an anonymous Twitter with one discussion at a time

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LIVE Community Management on steroids

It´s like a comment section of a live sports game, except that you always control the 1 topic they talk about.

  • 1 click: they discuss about the goal that just happened.
  • 1 click: they now talk about the haircuts of the players.

By the way: you can use it for Business events too!

Let your audience filter the content for you

They write their ideas and feedback, and the rest of the crowd promotes the most relevant answers by up voting them. No analysis required, you just read the top comments to understand your audience´s state of mind

Bring the traffic back to your website

Bye bye working hard to drive traffic to Facebook. Embed the discussion widget on your website page and anyone sharing the discussion will share your own url, not the papotee url. It is time to bring the facebook traffic back to your own website. Grow your brand and your traffic.